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Maglev trains bring new possibilities for China's future transportation
?Technicians are busy examining a new magnetic levitation train prototype in a factory in Zhuzhou, central China's Hunan Province.

New leap forward of China's oldest auto brand
?High emissions, out-of-date passenger cabs, gas-guzzling -- heavy-duty trucks often leave a clunky image in people's minds.
China's nation brand value surges 40 percent
China's nation brand value increased by 40.4 percent to 19.5 trillion U.S. dollars from 2018 to 2019, according to a report released Thursday on the annual study of national brands.
New steps to boost support for SMEs
China is actively taking steps to spur lending to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises secured by their credit records, in a move to lift the economy amid mounting growth downside pressure.
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RMB Exchange Rates Oct. 9, 2019
Issued by State Administration of Foreign Exchanges

Currency (Unit:100)RMB

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